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Anne Stokes:

Kitty Turner, email:

Alone... Visit...

Monnys Mortuary: or visit ...

Jeff Freels can be found at :

These make up artists are responsible for almost all of the Zombies made in 'The Kitchen of the Dead' at Zombie Fest 06, if you need Zombie advice then please get in touch with them, Paul is based in London and Evil Gav is based in Leicester... They really and truly ROCK!!!

Paul Ewen, email: or his web pages can be viewed at:

Evil Gav, can be emailed on: or more details of the craven British Horror Trio can be found at:




Stuart Conrans professional film work can be found at

Spat at the Spatcave:

Email Adam Breedon, UK based make up artist::

Leslie Nicholas, Canadian make up artist: or email her on:

Email Paul Smith, another Canadian make up artist:

Tera Hardwick, make up artist and Daniel Hollister, film maker

James 'The Odd One' Lund, US cartoonist and zombie fan can be contacted at

The Mysterious Krystal, contact her at:

Jeff and Christina from Boston... Jeff can be found at and Christina at

Scott Brown, Austrailian and Zombie-phile... Mail him at

Michael Asquith, make up artist from "Zombie Movie" can be contacted on Michael Asquith Check out the trailer for the Award Winning "Zombie Movie" at

David Pope, director of 'Gasoline Blood', new UK Zombie Film, can be contacted on:

Diane Wirth, Halloween costume maker:

Misha, Brain eating Stepford wife can be investigated here:

Dave 'Elvis' Elder can be contacted on:

Sammm Agnews email is...