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More than 12 hours of carnage kicking off from 12 noon.... This years ‘Day of the Undead' is going to be even bigger, better and bloodier than last years, with a celebration of Zombie Films, Book and Games from around the World.

Show times to be confirmed soon...



Dir: Lucio Fulci. Italy. 1980. 93 mins. Cert 18.

Horror maestro LUCIO FULCI throws open the gates of Hell, unleashing a plague of Zombies, in this notorious ‘Shock and Gore' masterpiece. A psychic buried alive… A mysterious vision… A hanged priest and a prediction of Zombie fuelled apocalypse. Can anything be done to save man from gut-munching oblivion? In the sleepy village of Dunwich, the dead are rising, local girls are vomiting entrails and the town misfit is about to get his brains drilled out. Will they find a way to stop the rotting hordes before everyone in town gets devoured? Dare you watch this eye-scorching trip into flesh-splattered zombie insanity from the King of Euro-Terror?



Dir: Reece Eveneshen. Canada. 2011. 95 mins. Cert 18.

'The War on Dead Begins' This movie is simply brilliant, the acting, atmosphere and changes in pace are truly stunning… “ The War on Dead is viewed through the eyes of a documentarian who travels with a rag-tag hunting pack that seeks out hordes of the flesh eating undead.”




Dir: The Ford Brothers. UK. 2010. 101 mins. Cert 18.

When his flight out of war-torn Africa crashes, American Air Force Engineer Brian Murphy emerges as the sole survivor in a land where the dead are returning to life and attacking the living. On the run in a landscape, where sudden death lurks around every sun-burnished corner, Murphy has to use his wits and ingenuity if he is to get home alive to his family. When Murphys path clashes with that of Sergeant Daniel Dembele whose village has been torn apart by the reanimated dead, they join forces. The two desperate men from two very different cultures fight side by side to survive across the incredible vistas of Africa as the world succumbs to the deadliest of viruses. In the first zombie road movie set against the spectacular vistas of Africa, the Dark Continent becomes a dead zone.



Dir. Keith Wright. UK. 2011. 76 mins. Cert 18

Harold's Going Stiff is an independent feature film written & directed by Keith Wright and produced by Richard Guy. It is a truly inspiring story of normal folk in a normal, if zombie infected Yorkshire... Lonely pensioner, Harold Gimble, has become the first man to suffer from a new neurological disease that is slowly turning him into a zombie-like state. Harold's hermit-like existence is shaken up when a vivacious nurse, Penny Rudge, is sent along to alleviate his stiffness. Her ‘special' massage techniques work a treat on Harold and they become close friends. Word soon gets out about his infection, and before long a small group of bloodthirsty thugs are pursuing Harold and Penny across dramatic moorlands in the hope of a kill.



Dir: The Pierce Brothers. USA. 2011. 95 mins. Cert 18.

We are proud to have at our event one of the stand-out films films from Frightfest 2011, at the Festival of Zombie Culture. DEADHEADS is a “zombedy” that is sure to impress–pleasing both horror and action-adventure fans alike. The story follows two zombie slackers, Mike and Brent, who find themselves surprisingly reborn from the dead amid a disastrous zombie outbreak. After discovering an engagement ring in his coat pocket, Mike enlists his new found zombie pal, Brent, to embark on a quest in search of his lost love. What ensues is a hilarious cross country road trip as these two reformed flesh-eating pals hitchhike cross country as they are pursued by a team of zombie killin' bounty hunters!



Dir: Thomas Newman. Canada. 2011. 98 mins. Cert 18.

During an all out zombie outbreak, the world is left desolate with only a few survivors. Tommy and Edwin are a pair of stoners who discover that by using zombie brains as fertilizer, they are able to grow super potent weed. To keep a constant supply of pot they must embark on a road trip in search of zombies but end up finding more than they bargained for…



FULL DAY PASSES are available now and are only £25 for over 13 hours of Zombie Mayhem in one of the countries state of the art digital media centres.

You can purchase a Festival Pass by calling the Box Office on 0116 242 2800 OR Click Here: PHOENIX SQUARE and follow the 'Festivals' Link

Please Note: The Phoenix website is causing some difficulties for users of Internet Explorer, this should be rectified shortly or just phone them for tickets, if you have any trouble getting tickets then please email with your phone number and someone will call you back to take your booking.


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