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The Zombie Film Line Up for 2012:

12 hours, 6 features... All Zombie...


Our films so far are...


Dir: Lucio Fulci. Starring: Tisa Farrow, Ian McCulloch and Richard Johnson.

Lucio Fulci created the film that would challenge Romeros reign as King of the Zombies and for the first time on the Big Screen we are able to show the restored version before its release on Blu-Ray... From the sleazy video nasty vaults comes a movie so stained with controversy and moral indignation that the very mention of its name sends shudders down the spines of the weak stomached and censorious Zombie Flesh Eaters. A gut-munching, shark wrestling, eye-gouging orgy of topless skin divers, mud-caked undead terror and Italian splatter from the dark imagination of horror genius Lucio Fulci (The Beyond, City of The Living Dead).

An abandoned boat in New York Harbour unleashes a deadly flesh crazed Zombie cargo... A Young American woman and a journalist investigate a tropical island where a deadly disease is making the dead walk... Soon, thoughts of getting to the bottom of the murderous curse will be forgotten, as Fulci s walking corpses overwhelm the living and reports come in that the Big Apple is swarming with the living dead... After over thirty years, Zombie Flesh Eaters still has the power to shock and offend the unwilling... Check out this classic sadist video and revel in a wonderfully tasteless movie that once helped usher in a moral panic!


14.10 - MURALIM (2011) ISRAEL: UK PREMIERE PLUS a Programme of the Best Short Films...

Dir: David Lubetsky. Starring: David Shaul,Orna Shifris and Artur Perry.

Poisoned (Muralim in Hebrew) is a zombie comedy, filmed in Israel by David Lubetzky. An amazing slice of genre filming, made even more special considering that making horror films is a completely new concept in Israel... On this night, the army really marches on its stomach! Passover at the base can be a real blow. Especially if you are a gardener stuck with a psychopathic commander, you're high school crush has suddenly arrived and all the soldiers have become flesh-eating zombies.

Danny, being the only one left uninfected, runs for his life — until he finds out that he isn't the only survivor. Used to avoiding conflict, he now realizes that this time there is no escape. Danny is going to have to utilize his only skills in order to save himself and his love — gardening skills!


16.10 - BEFORE DAWN (2012) UK : With intro and Q&A from Director and Star Dominic Brunt

Dir: Dominc Brunt. Starring: Dominic Brunt, Joanne Mitchell and Eileen O' Brien.

More famous as Paddy the Vet from Emmerdale, Yes, that's right, Dominic has created this truly brilliant slice of British Zombie Horror and will be introducing it here, at the UK Festival of Zombie Culture... Feature length horror movie, produced in Great Britain by Dominic Brunt and Helen Grace for Mitchell-Brunt Films and Left Film, screenplay by Mark Illis from an original story by Joanne Mitchell. Executive Producer Mark Price (Colin)

Before Dawn is set in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside amidst an apocalyptic viral outbreak. A weekend away. An idyllic cottage nestled within the rolling hills of the English Dales. What starts off as a gripping psychological drama between a struggling married couple, suddenly descends into a shocking gruesome nightmare. As panic and confusion sets in, Alex and Meg have to confront the fears within themselves and face a desperate fight for survival against a bloody terror that could literally tear them apart forever.


CHARLIE HIGSON TIME... Yes, Charlie Higson will be doing a reading from his latest book 'The Sacrifice' and talking zombies before doing a book signing with the Team from Puffin and Waterstones...


19.15 - THE ESCHATRILOGY (2012) UK: With Intro and Q&A with Director and Producer…

THE ESCHATRILOGY which is a trio of zombie shorts about the end of the world and it's effects on the family unit. The film boasts a huge cast and fantastic make up and special effects, it has also included nearly 350 locals and extras combined for the three films. Shot entirely on location in Sheffield and Barnsley.

This trilogy grows in tension throughout, showing different viewpoints of the same terrible events... It's starting point of a lone survivor ties the stories together beautifully until its builds to its shocking and inevitable conclusion, helping to make this an amazingly dark zombie film, but the fact it was completely shot on location in Sheffield and Barnsley brings home the terror with a very British taste to it...


21.30 - GANGSTERS, GUNS AND ZOMBIES (2012) UK First Screening, so Yes its a UK PREMIERE

A getaway driver for a group of hard core gangsters finds himself up against a slightly more unexpected enemy than the boys in blue when his latest job coincides with the start of a zombie apocalypse.

After completing an armed robbery, getaway driver, Q thinks that the most difficult job is behind him, at least until he notices that people have started to look and behave very strangely. What started as a simple job now becomes a fight for survival against the ever increasing Zombie horde. His situation is worsened by the fact that his team are a bunch of nut-cases, one of them has been shot, the safe-house is already surrounded by police, and the getaway vehicle is running out of fuel. This fierce and fast-paced Brit horror pits the scariest bunch of gangsters alive against an army of the undead in the ultimate gangsters vs. zombie showdown!


23.30 - COCKNEYS Vs ZOMBIES (2012) UK

Dir: Matthias Hoene. Starring Georgia King, Michelle Ryan, Alan Ford, Honor Blackman and Richard Briers.

Matthias Hoene creates this unlikely horror comedy, pitting some amazing British acting talent both new, old and even older... YES it's Bricktop from Snatch and Richard Briers vs The Living Dead... In a good ole English Bloody knees up...

A bunch of East-enders fight their way out of a zombie infested London, lead by an unlikely gang of amateur banks robbers and foul-mouthed plucky pensioners. Starring Michelle Ryan, Honor Blackman and Harry Treadaway. The undead are brown bread.


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