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Here is another selection of zombie make up that has been created by various make up artists from around the world. If you have had a go at creating a 'zombie make up' or 'zombie costume' then why not send us a picture. Links to our make up artists websites can be found on the Links Page...


Diane Wirth: Diane lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, iIn the US. She created this Resident Evil lab tech zombie outfit for Halloween 2005. Just for a party, but a quality themed zombie look including, if you look closely, an Umbrella Corp logo'd badge... Nice one Diane, can't wait to see this years get up....


David Pope: These pictures were submitted by David Pope from the film 'Gasoline Blood,' a UK based zombie production, shot in Nottingham. Two of them you can see are production shots, the first being the Director and an injured Joe Strange, the middle image showing effective usage of contact lenses and claret and the third, is the zombie waiting for their scene to be shot. 'Gasoline Blood' is being shwon in 2006 at Zombie Fest 06 and 'Frightfest' and we hope to have a whole pile more make up shots for you soon.


'Zombie Ed' Thurlow: The next few pictures are Zombie Make Up jobs done by Zombie Ed, there are some shots taken for a Halloween Party (The Suited Ones) and some make up tests for 'Zombie Undead!'


James Lund (The Odd One): James is an American cartoonist that was discussing making a short film with a friend and decided (obviously) that zombies were the way forward, here's an image showing one of the make up tests, hopefully we have more to show you soon...


The Mysterious Krystal: Krystal is a make up artists I know little about, I found her site with some nice zombies and other horror creations on it and the web address can be found on the links and downloads page.


Christina and Jeff: From Boston Massachusetts, remaking 'Rise of the Flatine' a short film made in '05 but being reshot in 06.... Thanks to Lisa Cotrone for sending us these snaps... Hopefully we will get some more of further make-up tests and the film shoot itself.


Scott Brown: I believe Scott is our first Australian make up artist to be featured on Terror4fun, this zombie make up job was created for a themed event at his local club in Canberra. We particularly like the fact he has messed up his clothes to the max to comlete the 'Living Dead Ensemble.' He has been studying make up SFX for a while and hope to have more of his creations to show you soon.


Michael Asquith: Along with his filmmaking partner Ben Stenbeck, they made a short film called "Zombie Movie". Last october it won Best Horror/Comedy Short Film at Screamfest LA and Best Short Fim at the New York City Horror Film Festival . Zombie Movie is also playing soon at the Amsterdam Fantasy Film festival . Here are some pictures that are Michaels work, hope you like thwm I know I did. Check our links page for contact details and a link to the trailer of the film.... It rocks.... Literally....


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Please note that all submissions are accepted in good faith and are also accepted as the original work of the person/people submitting the zombie costuming/make up and they all appear with the kind permission of the artists.