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Here is the first of our zombie make up galleries that has been created for a variety of different reasons, some of it for halloween parties, some film tests, some by students and a few by people who just enjoy dressing up as zombies in their spare time. If you have had a go at creating a 'zombie make up' or 'zombie costume' then why not send us a picture. Links to our make up artists websites can be found on the Artists Links Page...

Zombie Make Up Gallery Number 1, features the Make Up art of: Stuart Conran, Leslie Nicholas, Paul SmithTera Harwick and Daniel Hollister and The Spat Cave.

Zombie Make Up Gallery Number 2, features the Make Up art of: Diane Wirth, David Pope, Zombie Ed Thurlow, James Lund, The Mysterious Krystal, Christina and Jeff , Scott Brown and Michael Asquith.

Zombie Make Up Gallery Number 3, features the Make Up art of: Adam Breedon, Mysterious Misha, Jeroen from the Netherlands, Dave 'Elvis' Elder, Jonathan K and a whole host of Halloween 2007 zombies from Andrew Stroud, Scott Newman, Stephen Thorpe, Alec Parry Jones and last but not least Sammm Agnew...



Just Click Here to submit something to the zombie make up gallery.

Please note that all submissions are accepted in good faith and are also accepted as the original work of the person/people submitting the zombie costuming/make up and they all appear with the kind permission of the artists.