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Just who is behind the madness that is Terror4fun?

Sam, Ed and Dorcas are the main people behind Terror4fun have and between them have over 30 years experience in event organisation. They have organised between them everything from authentic 1930s Gothic Horror weekends to High Fantasy Medieval Festivals, or as varied as Zombie LRP events to weddings.

These people have catered for hundreds, written plots for 72 hour long events, held parties, made costumes, props and entire sets to guarantee people have an unforgettable time at any event that we are involved with.

Terror4fun is also supported by a group of friends and colleagues including make-up artists, costume makers, set designers, actors, performers and people with years of experience within the Horror LRP and Horror LARP fields. (Live Action Role Playing.) Terror4fun produce high quality, atmospheric immersions into other places and times, weekend or daylong events designed to give people something to remember.

This is why Terror4fun has been founded, to provide anyone from fans of the occasional scary movie or to those who live for them, from actors to adrenaline junkies, from zombie-philes who wish to discover if they have what it takes or zombie-phobics that want to try and conquer their fears...

Now down to the Zombie bits… we have been very lucky and have been involved in a large number of zombie events in many forms and guises, but among them are: , since it conception, our website had in it's first year more than 200,000 unique visitors, that's not hits or page impressions but unique visitors finding out about zombies from us! But, it won't grow without your contributions, so send us your artwork, make up pics and film reviews and we can make sure this site remains at the forefront of zombie horror.

Zombie Fest, the main event of the UK zombie calendar, just check out the details of the previous ones we have run to get an idea of just what they consist of and to see why you should come along to the next one. If you have any further questions about Zombie Fest then please don't hesitate to contact us.

Zombie Film Festivals, have a look at our up and coming events list for details of the next event we are involved with and how to get information. If you have made a zombie film, then also let us know as we are always looking for films that we can screen, which would be the ideal way of getting more coverage for your production. (If you love zombie films and are thinking of buying another, check out the film reviews, so you don't get stung by a turkey and hopefully find a hidden gem in the minefield that is zombie cinema.)

Zombie Make Up, we have done 3 hour demonstrations, one on one workshops, trade shows and if you haven't found them yet, our website has some downloadable make up guides, one of which was written exclusively for us by Stuart Conran, the man who made the zombies for Shaun of the Dead. Check out our zombie make up galleries for examples of amateur and professional work and send us pictures of what you have created! If you have any questions that need answering about zombie make up then please mail us.

Zombie Films, we have supported and advertised on our mailing list a number of independent zombie films and from this support these productions have had loads more extras turn up for the filming, make up artists volunteering and going along to help and better cover and exposure than they would normally have been able to get. After all making a film is hard enough work, getting it noticed is a whole new head-ache, which we have been happy to take on for them. These films include Zombie Undead and Gasoline Blood, the latter film was shown at Frightfest 2006. If you want more info on up and coming productions then join our mailing list, if you want help and support with your zombie film, just let us know and we will put you in the mailing list newsletter and plaster your details in the relevant parts of our site.

Zombie Promotions, we have helped promote events at cinemas, night clubs and supported and promoted the release of Max Brooks latest book World War Z, the follow up to the amazing Zombie Survival Guide. Need help with promoting something ‘zombie' simply email us and we will see what we can do to help out.

Zombiewalks, have long been the American Zombie Dream, but no longer. If you don't know, it involves getting as many people as possible in the same place and at the same time dressed as zombies. We want to bring them to the UK and with this in mind please have a look at our Zombiewalk page for details of the next one. It is a great way to meet fellow zombie-philes and also to raise some money for charity.

Zombies… If you know about anything zombie that we can help out with or get involved with then please let us know… We will do what we can, after all, how else could we FIGHT… DIE… and EAT FLESH without your help…

Notes of Thanks:

When not hitting himself in the head, whilst working as a lumberjack in Sherwood Forest, Choppa has been helping us with this website and the style sheets or whatever they are called, so to him, many thanks for all you have done and we hope that you enjoy the doll that we have bought for you as a way of saying thanks. It should clean up real nice with some boiling water and a sponge... Cheers Choppa !!!

When not parading round in just a smattering of Gothic Jewellery or pretending to be a pirate, young Steve is an excellent artist type bloke, he has helped us with quite a few bits and pieces including flyers, concepts and last but not least, being able to do just about anything with Photoshop, if Tuna Pasta bake and a few cans are involved. Cheers Steve, we salute you and your desire to sail the seven seas!





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