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Who is Zombie Ed? Zombie Ed and his wife Sammy founded Terror4fun in 2004, in which time he has collected over 400 zombie films, publishes the Worlds only regular zombie e-zine ‘The Zombie Times' which as of 2013 is being sent to over 14,000 subscribers 6 times a year. He is also the Festival Director of ‘The UK Festival of Zombie Culture,' held annually in Leicester, now in its 7th year and he is also the organiser of ‘Zombie Fest', which is a ‘celebration of all things zombie.'

When NOT Being a Zombie... Ed is a teacher and Casualty Simulation Make Up Artist with the NHS. He lives with his long suffering wife, Sammy and their two kids... Who are unfortunately for him not called Shaun (of the Dead) and Dawn (of the Dead.)



Terror4fun Focuses on... Promoting all (not just Terror4fun) zombie events and zombiewalks, encouraging make up artists and supporting independent zombie film productions throughout the world. Terror4fun has raised money for charity every year by getting donations for make up artists to turn people into zombies or playing big screen zombie video games at our various events. We have raised money for Multiple Sclerosis, MacMillan Cancer Nurses, Help for Heroes and the NSPCC.


Media Appearances...

Newspapers: Guardian, The Metro & The Leicester Mercury

Radio: BBC Radio Leicester Interviews, BBC Radio Leicester – Special Guest Slot, Zombieland interviews for Sony Pictures Europe

Magazines: Bizarre, Metal Hammer, SFX Magazine, SCI FI Now, Darkside, Rue Morgue, Gorezone

TV: BBC Documentary ‘Bryony makes a Zombie Movie,' Channel 4 Documentary ‘How to be a Zombie' & Horror Channel Documentary ‘Frightfest 2009 Interviews.'



Zombie Presentations Delivered

Canned Film Festivals: Zombie Make Up Demonstrations

Foreign Fields Trade Shows: Zombie Make Up Demonstrations

Foreign Fields Trade Shows: No Budget – Special Effects

Zombiecon: What is a Zombie? Discussion Group & Zombie Choreography workshop

Zombiefest 2004 to 2010: Zombie Choreography workshops

UK Festival of Zombie Culture 2007 to 2012: Compering and Introducing Films

SideFest 2013: Lead Pannelist discussing 'Should Zombies be in Video Games?'



QUOTES about Zombie Ed:

SONY Pictures Europe: Zombie Ed is… the best zombie pimp ever!!!

BIZARRE Magazine: …Ed ‘King of the Zombies' Thurlow…

RUE MORGUE: Zombie Ed is… the UKs Zombie Renaissance Man

BBC Television: Zombie Ed is… the UKs leading Zombie Fan